Sea Kayak Photo

Sea Kayak Photo

It is possible to find an almost limitless number of inspirational websites when it comes to photography. However, search for sites that combine stunning photography with sea kayaking and you find a very niche group of websites. In my humble opinion, creme of the crop is undoubtedly Sea Kayaking With Sea Kayak Photo, the home of Douglas Wilcox.

I came across Sea Kayaking With Sea Kayak Photo after hearing one of the excellent Sea Kayak Podcasts where host Simon Willis interviewed Douglas about his love of photography and how he has so successfully combined it with a real passion for sea kayaking.

Alongside descriptions and stories from of a huge range of sea kayak trips around the coast of Scotland, Sea Kayak Photo also contains a number of reviews including some great write ups on Sea Kayaks.

It is no wonder that Douglas’s talent for writing and photography has led to a forthcoming book release with Pesda Press.

I would heartily recommend subscribing to the Sea Kayak Photo feed or look out for Douglas’s posts on Paddling Planet.